Our Story

WHY YOU should Buy From US!

NOT ALL E-Tailors of Imported Motor and Power sport vehicles are the same!!!    There's the select few like us, the many that aspire to be like us, and there's all the rest.   Joy Rides is the flagship website of Joy Ride Motors, the only Publicly Trading company doing business in this industry.    Being a Public company, we answer to strict government regulation, and have earned the trust of thousands of shareholders.   But our highest calling is the earned trust and respects of the tens of thousands of loyal customers we've served with a smile.    We operate and manage a myriad of E-tail sites and several brick and mortar showrooms, and have global ties to manufacturing, import and distribution industry wide.    Unlike the majority of wanna-be websites selling similar products; We are NOT the new kids on the block;  We are NOT running a business out of our garage or dorm room;  We are NOT a start-up or a pop-up hoping to last the year.     What WE ARE... is the OG of the scene and have been trailblazer the Online Imported Power and Motorsports industry, since day one!  That's not something anyone else can boast.     

That being said, please don't mistake us for part of the corporate machine.   We ARE a small company with several dozen wonderful and amazing employee's for whom your satisfaction and safety is job one!      We are headquartered in San Diego CA, and our business is corner-stoned on experience, safety, insight and customer service.    We are real!   We answer the phone!   We respond to your emails!   We are here to stay!     Over the years, we've seen hundreds of other sites come and go.   We see all the fly-by-night scammers cheat honest people out of their hard earned cash and it sickens us.   As their websites go 404 every month, we are still here; answering your questions; honoring our warranties; helping you with service and technical support; and offering only the very best quality products from only the best manufacturers at rock bottom prices!

The more vehicles we sell, the more we 'get It!'   All becuse we are in a position and have the ability
to sell every vehicle available on the entire internet... we chose to only offer the best of the rest.    Its taken us years to vet our vendors and their products to ensure we only sell the best quality vehicles from everything they offer.    Some vehicles may look great on paper, priced rught and seem like a good deal - BUT ARE NOT!     If you can't find it on this website, yet you've seen it on similar sites, that means it's not good quality, and/or not safe - and that's why it's not sold here.... We just know better, as there is no substitute for experience.

Our Prices VS. The Competition's Prices:

Sometimes our prices are a bit higher than other sites.   But you really do get what you pay for!    We sometimes have to charge a little more, because we spend more, so you get more.    Many times a vehicle will look and sound the same across several websites.   But unlike Joy Rides, the first price you see is rarely the same price you pay, and they will sneak in add-ons at check out.   We don't play the bait and switch game here.    Even if the vehicle looks the same... they often are not.   If you're a savvy online shopper and read closely, you'll see that they are not the same.    Our vehicles may have; larger tires and wheels; ABS breaks; upgraded Japanese or Taiwanese carburetors; storage boxes; improved batteries; synthetic fluids, better warranties, and other upgrades that are specific to our vehicles... and are included in our slightly higher price point.    

Our vendors go the extra mile to provide us with the best vehicles BECAUSE of our decade long-standing business relationships.  That's what sets us apart from the competition - we sell only the best quality - becuse your safety is more important to us then our bottom line.    Not so with the other guys... they sell the base models in hopes you wont notice, and will not answer the phone when it falls apart.    Additionally, we have strong and tight relationships with our shipping partners and refuse to do business with cut rate shipping companies.   It is a worthwhile investment for us both, and over the years, we've learned that paying just a little more is the only way to go.   And even though our 'White Glove' shipping is a factor that increases our price points, we know it will arrive on time, as promised, without any damage and in one piece! 

Bottom line - You Get What You Pay For - from Us and with them!   So if all you care about is the cost, then go ahead and buy from them to save a few bucks.   But buyer beware... you're savings will cost you more in the long run and may well be compromising your safety!    When you buy from us, you're buying the best product from the best source - GUARANTEED!  

Our customer support pledge is our badge of honor - extending to you as it has to the many thousands of satasfied customers we've served for very many years of doing GOOD business.    When doing business with us, you'll get the perfect vehicle of your desires and we'll earn your trust and respect.   No other website in this industry will say that, and then live up to it... except Joy Rides!    Eagle Scouts Honor! 

Join The Revvvvolution!!!  

Joy Ride Motors set the new standard and created this Joy Rides website with you in mind.    You probably noticed that this site is unlike most of the other cumbersome, complicated and confusing online stores that sell similar products.   That’s because we’re not like everyone else.   We answer to a higher calling…  WE .  ANSWER . TO . YOU !!  

That’s why we made Joy Rides, not just an online storefront, but a lifestyle brand that rings awareness and promotes responsibility.   For this reason you’ll find a lot of feedback forums here such as social media links, picture and video submission section, as well as a blog.    You’ll also find information for; best practices; rules of the road; technical support; vehicle licensing and requirements that very state to state; useful links to other helpful websites; and a lot more stuff to make your riding a joy.   Please brows through the support and common ground sections of this website… you will find a lot of good stuff here that will make your life and your vehicle a Joy to Ride!

The Joy Rides Philosophy

We do business with confidence because we believe in our brand, our product lines and thrive to create prosperous business relationships and happy customers.    We’ve learned a lot since our inception, and it took a lot of growing pains to get to this stage of our evolution… but we survived and prospered because of our philosophy of quality.   We only sell high quality products and delivered professional customer service and knowledgeable technical support to all our customers.    Today, like every day, we are just as dedicated in supplying our customers with the highest quality off-road vehicles and on-road motorcycles / scooter available in the market for the best overall deal out there!

The Joy Rides Lifestyle

The world is changing faster then we can keep up with it.   Joy Ride Motors wants to take you ahead of the curve on all lifestyle levels.    We believe that our offerings not only are fun and enjoyable, but they serve functionality, purposes and are a benefit to your quality of live and the environment.   Cars are great, and they have their purposes.  Public transit is not often great, but it serves it purpose.   If you live in a big city, having a car can be very expensive, as you car owners reading this well know.   Between the cost of maintenance, registration, insurance, parking (difficulty as well as citations), the occasional break-in’s, and the rising cost of gas… cars can be way more trouble than they're worth.    


Scooters, Mopeds, Motorcycles and Electric Bikes offer an Inexpensive, and GREEN alternative to getting around town while saving you money on fuel and parking.   They are also far less expensive to register, and your insurance premiums can be the same per year as your car is for a month!      Mopeds and Scooters get close to 100 miles per gallon, get you back and forth from work, school, to the bank, store and all your commuter needs.     Our larger scooters and motorcycles ride at freeway speeds and are just as cost effective and environmentally conscious as the smaller ones.   It’s just a matter of your needs and usage.  


When it comes to our off-road vehicles… well, sure an ATV or Dune Buggy is also a very environmentally conscious option if your other vehicle is a monster truck… but certainly these offerings fall under the JOY part of Joy Ride Motors.   Cause there’s really not as many things out there that are as fun as riding trails, hills, canyons, dunes, swamps and forests as a dirt bike, ATV or Buggy!    Sure, if you live in a rural area, using an ATV or UTV to do work on the ranch is a great way to conserve on gas rather than driving the truck or tractor around, and will get you to town and back to the farm just as quickly as you need to.     And there aint nothing like doing some good hunting and bringing the game back to the house in your 4 wheel Joy Rides off road shopping cart… beats going to Costco and far more cost effective!


So no matter what your lifestyle, Joy Ride Motors has a vehicle just right for you, for the right price, with the right support, and perfectly right on your wallet as well as the environment.    That’s why Joy Rides sets you ahead of the curve, by getting you into the perfect ride for you ahead of the times in a world spinning faster every day, and changing right before our eyes.    Cause it certainly is nice to have that extra breathing room, and cleaner breathing air… giving you more freedoms and flexibilities ... and letting you fully enjoy the ride!     That’s the Joy Ride Lifestyle!