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Standard MFG Warranty Information

Joy Ride Motors is your dealer and a go between with the manufacturer for replacement parts covered by the MFG’s standard warranty.   This warranty arrives with your purchase documentation.    We are not the manufacturer of the vehicle you purchased.   It’s important to note that we simply facilitate and assist with your warranty claims.   In other words, we are guiding you, the customers, via the rules set by the MFG.  

The manufacturers are very specific about their policies for sending out replacement parts.   For this reason you must follow the MFG warranty guidelines and take your vehicle to have the issue verified by a certified and licensed (brick and mortar) service center by a professional mechanic in order to validate your warranty claim.    This is non-negotiable.    The MFG will replace any parts needed as long as the claim for a replacement part is requested in writing by a licensed professional mechanic on the companies letterhead.    

A good source to locate a mechanic is https://www.superpages.com/    Search under; Small engine repair shops, Motorcycle or ATV Mechanics.   We also recommend you look at Yelp, Google Local, or Angie's List.   Just make sure the mechanic you select is licensed and certified by the state you live in.   If you need help, you can call our customer service for assistance, M-F 9-5 PST at 1-877-300-8707.

After the mechanic has validated that the issue is caused by the failure of a part that is covered by warranty, only then should you file a warranty claim for a replacement part.  

In rare cases (such as there being no local service center or the customer is a professional mechanic) where the customer is determined to do their own work or have an assignee perform the work that is not a licensed facility or professional mechanic, then the original part must be sent in (at the owner's expense) prior to a replacement being sent out.    Therefore, if you chose to replace what they believe to be a factory defective part, then you are responsible for shipping that part(s) to Joy Ride Motors for verification and determination of actual manufacturer defect prior to a replacement parts(s) being sent out once the failure is determined. If it turns out that the part you sent was not the problem at fault, then that part will either be sent back to you (at your cost), or you can order a replacement part to be sent out.    If for any circumstance the owner wants to expedite service, then they are responsible for any additional express shipping charges.

All replacement parts provided by Joy Ride Motors are covered under the policy as a new purchase as long as they were installed by a licensed facility or a professional mechanic.   Installing the replacement part yourself voids its coverage under warranty in all cases.  

The claim form must be completed in full in order for your warranty claim to be approved.  The VIN number is required to have on hand for ALL claims.  When you file your claim with us, please ensure we have received your fax or email after you send or transmit it with a follow up call if you do not receive a response within 24 hours.  

Shipping for Joy Ride Motors warranty parts must be paid by the customer as the MFG does NOT cover shipping on parts under warranty. This means it’s the responsibility of the customer to pay for the shipping of the free part.   Shipping will be collected at the time of claim.   Shipping is roughly about $25.00 on average for standard delivery in most cases.         

Please remember, we are here to help you and most definitely we want to get you what you need for as little cost as possible because we want you to enjoy your ride.   By following these rules, as stated in the terms of agreement, as well from the initial purchase, we will be able to process your claims MUCH faster! Any questions? Call us! 877-300-8707


In order for the vehicle to qualify for warranty coverage under the MFG terms and conditions, it must have a Pre Driving Inspection (PDI) and have been properly assembled by a certified automotive/motorcycle technician or a person with the proper experience and knowledge to perform such work at a brick and mortar service center.   Additionally, the vehicle was broken-in properly in accordance with the MFG guidelines.    And lastly, the vehicle was used under normal conditions for its intended purpose and all necessary and consistent maintenance has been performed on it.    As long as this is all true and correct then your vehicle will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty in accordance with its terms and conditions of use. 

Joy Ride Motors guarantees all of our vehicles from manufacturer's defects within the first 30 days from the date of delivery of your new purchase and will be validated by your (BLDS) Bill of Lading Delivery Slip.   This is the standard manufacturer's "parts only" warranty that comes with each unit and covers factory defects only.   

All Joy Rides designated Off-Road Vehicles – non-street legal vehicles such as; ATV, UTV, Dune Buggy, Dirt Bike, etc… come with a 60-Day MFG warranty.   The first 30 days covers all mechanical parts and the second 30 days only covers the drive train.   As long as the part fails through normal use within 30 to 60 days, it will be covered by the MFG warranty.  

All Joy Rides designated On Road Vehicles – street legal vehicles requiring registration – such as; Scooters, Motorcycles, Trikes, Mini-Bikes, etc… come with a 6-Month MFG warranty.   As with the Off-Road vehicles, the first days cover ANY mechanical part breakdown attributed to manufacturer defect. If it breaks through normal use in the first month, it’s covered.   After the initial month, the remaining 5 months of the warranty only cover the drive train. This is generally considered the engine, transmission and hydraulics part of the vehicle.    

The MFG warranties for both on and off road vehicles DO NOT cover any Wearable Parts such as (but not limited to); tires, rims, body panels, fuses, forks, shocks, seats, CV Boots, clutch wear parts, cables, drive belt, chain, brake linings and/or pads, batteries, sprockets, external springs, clips, nuts, bolts and fasteners, any part(s) made from rubber. Chrome parts are covered for 10 days. Additionally, the warranty does not cover Expendable Parts such as (but not limited to); light bulbs, gaskets, fuses, seals, spark plugs, filters (oil, air, fuel), fluids, etc.  

Joy Ride Motors will have no further warranty obligation under this agreement if the vehicle or equipment is subjected to; misuse, abuse, shipping damages, negligence, accidents, damage done by the operator, and specific damage caused by exceeding the vehicle's weight capacity.    The warranty does cover any lost fasteners, so make sure to tighten all nuts & bolts.   

This warranty also excludes any coverage of labor, transportation costs, or ancillary expenses.  Nor does this warranty cover any parts broken by the user/owner.   Furthermore, the warranty is not an insurance policy and in no way conversancy payment of damages for incidental or consequential loss arising from loss of property or bodily injury.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs of All warranty parts that are needed, and you will be required to pay for the necessary shipping and handling fees prior to the parts being sent out.   

This warranty is provided to the original customer and is non transferable.  There is no agreement or warranty, expressed or implied, other than those stated here.   Ride at your own risk.  All sales are final.  Returns or Exchanges are not offered under any circumstance.

Joy Ride Motors is a very open minded company and understand things do happen however, we will not tolerate abuse of these terms. If there is sufficient proof of abuse of our 1 year warranty terms we will and reserve the right to completely cancel the warranty all together. Please use our online forms and complete them if and when filing a claim.


1. MAKE SURE YOUR TITLE / MSO REQUEST WAS COMPLETE (warranty not valid until complete)



4. Please *click here to file a Warranty Claim. - NOTE: MAY NEED TO DISABLE POP-UP BLOCKER  

*NOTE: Our Apologies, but our online claim form downloaded is not working – please call 877-300-8707 to file your claim over the phone with customer service.   If you have filed a warranty or claim recently and would like status please email claims@joyridemotors.com for status update.   Please email vs phone calls when possible.  Thank you!  



The Benefits of Membership:

Your membership in the Limited Life-Time Coverage Club protects you against any factory defects on the original parts that were stock on the vehicle at the time it was shipped to you for as long as the vehicle stays enrolled in the program.   Because this program is an open ended Privilege to our Joy Rides customer, there is no substitution of vehicles and membership is not transferable through the sale of the vehicle to the next owner.    There is NO Time Limit or Millage limit to how long you can stay covered in this program.    Membership will last for as long as you are a subscriber, pay your dues, and own the same qualifying vehicle you enrolled in the Coverage Club.   There are still some claim forms to fill out, but unlike the MFG warranty, these claim process and forms are simple and short.    

Under this coverage, you do not need to have a professional mechanic or a certified and licensed service center to validate the defective part.   We take your word on it and trust your assessment of the issue.   If you file a claim for a bad starter, we will send you a new starter.    We only ask you to fill out a short and simple claim form in order to get your part.   VIN numbers are required to have on hand for ALL claims.    Your claim will be processed the same day and the replacement part(s) will be sent out the following day.    However, you are still responsible for returning the original failed part back to Joy Ride Motors.

To ensure that we receive the defective part, Joy Ride Motors will initially charge your membership account the full price of the replacement part. Upon receipt and verification of failure of the defective part, your membership account will receive full credit for the cost of the replacement part we sent you. However, If the part you return to Joy Ride Motors is determined not to be faulty, a secondary aftermarket replacement, or the failure was caused by other reasons than manufacturer defect, then no refund will be issued. Joy Ride Motors will pay for the shipping cost of the initial replacement part when it is sent to you. However, you will be responsible for any shipping costs of sending the original part back to Joy Ride Motors.      

For this reason, we encourage you to take your vehicle to a state licensed and certified service center where a professional and experienced mechanic can make that determination for you.    We strongly recommend using a repair shop that specializes in power-sport and motor-sport vehicles.    Make sure you pick a legitimate repair shop that you feel comfortable with.    If you have trouble locating one or have difficulty finding a local mechanic, we will be happy to help you find one in your area as a membership benefit.     

Obviously, lost or stolen parts are not covered for free replacement under this program.   However, Joy Ride Motors will sell you the replacement part at our cost plus any related shipping and handling charges as a benefit of membership.    This offer only applies to parts that have the ability to get lost or stolen such as; gas-caps, nuts, bolts, running boards, windshields, seats, luggage boxes, body panels, footpegs, etc.    Lost keys and lost time are not covered under this program. Additionally, parts subject to; misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, normal wear, and tear, or broken by the user are not covered under any circumstances.   

The program does not cover any ‘Wearable Parts’ such as (but not limited to); tires, rims, batteries, forks, shocks, seats, cv boots, clutch wear parts, cables, drive belt, chain, other belts, brake linings, and/or pads, sprockets, external springs, clips, nuts, bolts and fasteners, any part(s) made from plastic or rubber such as body panels, seats, grips, fenders, etc.    Additionally, the warranty does not cover ‘Expendable Parts’ such as (but not limited to); light bulbs, gaskets, fuses, seals, spark plugs, filters (oil, air, fuel), fluids, etc.   This program does not cover labor, transportation, incidentals, or shipping costs.

Joy Ride Motors will be responsible for the shipping costs of the first warranty part(s) claim only.  All additional warranty parts that are needed will require the member to pay the shipping and handling fees.     If for any circumstance the member wants an expedite service, they are responsible for the express shipping charges.    All replacement parts are fully covered under the program as if they were original to the vehicle.    

Joy Ride Motors is a very open minded company and understand things do happen.   However, we will not tolerate abuse of the membership terms.   Joy Ride Motors will have no further obligation under this agreement, and reserves the right to cancel membership if there is sufficient proof of abuse of the terms and conditions of this program.    We are happy to work with you and help you resolve any problem and issues with your enrolled vehicle, but if you file a fraudulent claim, or try to pull a fast one, we will find out and will cancel your membership with no possibility of re-enrolment.  

Enrollment Policy:

This warranty coverage can begin the date of delivery of your new vehicle and may be canceled at any time.   The warranty covers you against manufacturer defects on any nonwearable or expendable part of your vehicle.   The coverage stays in effect for as long as you are a member of the club for your enrolled vehicle and has no time frame or mileage limitations.      

You may enroll your Joy Ride Motors designated vehicle for up to 30 days after its purchase into the club.  However, in order to retain this coverage, you must stay consistently enrolled and be current with your low monthly membership dues.   Any lapse in membership payments lasting more than 21 days will cause an immediate expulsion from the club, with no option for re-admission.     

Upon purchase, you will receive a personalized invitation and quote of what your monthly membership fees will be if you join the club.     You may view this coverage as a form of insurance that covers your mechanical parts from latent factory and manufacturing defects.    By pooling the customer base of Joy Rides motors, we are able to offer a low monthly membership fee for a high level of coverage with superb customer service. 

Membership dues and coverage benefits are subject to change at any time with a 30 day advance notification.    The roll-out of expanded and additional coverage options (roadside assistance, vehicle insurance coverage, registration services, vehicle replacement for theft… etc) will result in an increase in membership dues for participants.   As these benefit options become available, you will be able to add them to your base coverage at your discretion.  Membership dues are never refundable.    

Upon enrolment, monthly membership fees will be billed to either; the same credit card used when you made your purchase; a different credit card you provide, or we can ACH the monthly membership your checking account automatically. The credit card billing cycle will take place within the first 5 days of the month and the ACH can be set up for the same day each month.    If the account you provide us is closed for any reason, you are responsible for providing us with the updated account information.    We bill at the beginning of the month for that month, and there is no grace period in membership, so if we are unable to bill your account for any reason than you are not covered until we’re able to process payment.   While payment is pending, your coverage is suspended at our discretion.    Your membership will terminate if payment is not processed, or new account information is not provided, within 21 days from the first of that month.         

Cost of Membership

The monthly cost of membership will be primarily based on the style and size of the enrolled vehicle, and how many mechanical parts it has.   Obviously, the larger and more expensive the vehicle, the more moving parts it has, and subsequently, the higher the monthly membership dues.    

The following is a list of the estimated monthly membership fee and subject to additional criteria.

Engine Size & Vehicle Class                 Estimated Monthly membership

  49cc - 125cc Scooter                                    Between $9 and $12

150cc - 350cc Scooter                                    Between $13 and $21

  90cc - 200cc Motorcycle                               Between $11 and $14

225cc - 400cc Motorcycle                               Between $15 and $18

100cc - 200cc Trike                                         Between $10 and $13

200cc - 400cc Trike                                         Between $14 and $20

Full Size UTV                                                  Between $15 and $21

Full Size Dune Buggy                                     Between $16 and $30

Select 150cc-400cc ATV                                 Between $20 and $30

Upon purchase of a Joy Rides qualifying vehicle, you will be emailed a formal membership offer, a questionnaire, and a personalized price quote for a monthly membership.   You must enter the program within 30 days of purchase and you can cancel anytime. 

If you have questions about the Life-Time Coverage Club, email then to warranty@joyridemotors.com